Mothers day!! – how it works in our house!

For us, mothers day is generally no different to any other Sunday in this house. My husband goes to work (albeit starting a whole hour earlier and finishing a whole hour later on mothers day because he has over 600 mothers and their families to serve, feed and be nice to, and im pretty sure there are only a select few who enquire as to who is waiting on his wife and mother of his children on this special day!!) I am very bitter about these days as you will discover, however it is always the same bitterness that overcomes me every year, every ‘special day’!! I love him no less, it has always been the way it as and im sure it always will be. And although i would never say it to his face when i am psycho bitterness wife, deep down i am bloody proud of my husband, how hard he works and everything he has achieved in his career 😍!

So anyway, back to mothers day. Sundays are very much a day of rest in this house, and mothers day is no different!! (Mainly because im all out of strength and threats by Sunday) The kids will watch a few hours of surprise eggs and peppa pig in german on you tube (why do kids always want to watch it in different languages?), we will no doubt head to costa for babychinos and so i can rub caffeine into my eyeballs!! Buy the kids a magazine which they then shred in the car and throw the cheap toys all over the place only to moan they are bored and having nothing to do until lunchtime!! 

Quite often i get the ‘im bored, theres nothing to do!’ Winge!! This infuriates me no end…we moved house not so long ago so the girls could have a playroom…..a playroom that is FULL of toys, millions of toys, toy bleedin heaven….and yet they are bored!! Yet give them an ipad and you tube and they watch some random child unwrap surprise eggs for hours… does that work!!

Anyway back to mothers day (again! Sorry). I generally sack off the roast on mothers day (it is mothers day after all) and my amazing mum brings a whole heap of afternoon tea food delights from marks and spencer (there is something about a m&s sandwich that is like no other!!) This is how mothers day generally ends, we scoff our faces all afternoon on delightful sandwiches and cake until we literally cant move. The kiddies are happy because ‘nanny and grandad’ (best people evs) are round and my sis and her boyfriend (also best people evs) take on child entertainment duties so i am one happy mumma!! The husband will (eventually) walk through the door and all bitterness will be forgotten lol. 

Im not entirely sure what ‘mothers day’ is all about if im honest. To ‘thank’ mothers for all their hard work?? Surely all mums should be thanked more than one day a year!! (Cue a weekly flower delivery actually!) I certainly am thankful to my mum every day of the year for everything she does and has done for us. But how about those people who dont have mums to thank, for what ever reason, or those who so desperately want to be a mum but cant, for what ever reason. Does anyone ever stop and think about those people for who mothers day must simply be heart wrenching?? One things for sure, i will take a few minutes out of my day to think of those people and to say ‘you know what….no matter what day it is….you are all special!!!’



2 thoughts on “Mothers day!! – how it works in our house!

  1. Lynne

    I know how you feel, for me Mother’s Day is cringeworthy, I miss my mum who died 24 years ago,this year more than ever for some reason, I have to work like a dog for 9 hours cooking for people who clearly are not capable of simply making a decent Victoria sponge, I spend 2-3 hrs of my life, crafting something with my kids for my husbands mum, which will be undoubtedly back shelved as it doesn’t fit with the decor. I spend 2-3 hrs trying to choose a gift from my husband , for a house or garden that has everything, and although will seem grately received at the time I know it willl simply not match up to what can be brought each day whenever she wants.

    This year I received a lovely bag decorated with hand prints from my youngest at nursery, that simply said “mummy’s bag” love Jessica, 5 handmade cards from my eldest each with a selection of Jems and sparkles and somehow it makes it all better. Before you ask , I got them early as I leave for work by 7am and always hoping they will still be asleep, catching up from a week of chaos. No matter what Children although sometimes tiring and frustrating can make everything seem worthwhile, and like you catering takes over, every year, unfortunately it’s normally by me and I miss my girls desperately.

    So here is a heads up for all those,lonely catering wives, feeling low mums, missing mums mums, and anyone who generally feels like one of those nice days is not quite so amazing as it’s made out to be. Big hugs to you special not so quite 2.4 families, remember your not the only ones xxx

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