What is a blog anyway??

So i guess the blog is now ‘facebook official’ so feel free to like and share and do whatever it takes to get the blog noticed. Obviously not expecting fame along the lines of ‘unmumsy mum’ ( hero) or ‘hurrah for gin’ (also hero) but would be nice to see some people, who i havent actually invited myself, to like the blog lol.

So burning question from husband this afternoon ‘what is a blog anyway?’….errrr im not really sure tbh, im just gonna write all the stuff that fills up my mind and share it with the world!! Im guessing that is somewhere along the right lines. 

When you join the world that is motherhood you never for once think you will spend hours upon hours of sleepless nights scaling the internet on your phone mainly for ‘can i die from sleep deprivation?’ Facts, but also searching for some hope that you infact are not alone in the struggle!! It was during these pretty mind numbing moments of early parenthood that i myself, became aware of mummy bloggers. The likes of ‘unmumsy mum’, ‘hurrah for gin’, ‘Giovanna Fletcher’ were who had me crying with laughter when i was seconds away from crying with despair!! 

As i said in my previous post, im hoping that with this blog i can bring a little brightness to those embarking on the long relentless challenge of motherhood as others have done for me. 

Peace and love 



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