First blog post -here we go!!

So here it is… blog….my very first post. Not entirely sure what to blog about here, should i introduce myself or leave that til a little later?? Blogging is new to me, something ive been thinking about doing for a while but havent got round to!! Mummy blogs are inspirational to me, they get me through the highs and lows of daily parenting, making me realise that im not alone in the trial and tribulations and in fact the struggle of balancing mummy hood and sanity is actually very real!! If i can reach out to just one person with this blog and make one person sit back and think ‘im not alone on this crazy rollercoaster we call life’ then my purpose of starting a blog has been met!

So i hope you get the chance to grab a coffee, probably the cold one you made at 5am this morning when woken by a sleep thief, and have a read and enjoy. Much love #mumlife


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